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Prides – Seeds You Sow (Draper Remix)



This up and coming indie band had a really great sound that I instantly clicked with. I know when I’m going to be able to remix something when I can ‘feel’ a track, if I can relate to it then it’s the smoothest process making into my own creation. This was one of those where the writing process was very easy due to a flow of natural inspired creativity.

Dan Croll – From Nowhere (Draper Remix)

From Nowhere (Draper Remix)
Dan Croll is on the same label as me and he’s a really talented guy, I loved the original and happily jumped on board to do an official remix. There was actually another version of the remix that was drum and bass, but I had already done two recent drum and bass remixes at this point so I went for a change up of trap/hip-hop/drumstep.

Electricity [Single]


I had initially planned for this single to come out at the end of 2013, however I thought it would be awesome to organise a remix competition to support it. When we got soundcloud as a sponsor for the competition it made it all the more exciting as there was an awesome prize. The competition went really well with over 90 submissions, it was a great experience for myself and hopefully the remixers. Ultimately there was one winner and that was Sub.Sound with his epically proportioned dubstep remix.

Sonder EP



It was about time for another EP, I had previously done two original singles since the Draper EP so I took it upon myself to start something new.

I really wanted to steer away from straight 8bit and digital synths so I incorporated a lot more organic instruments and vocals.

Fun fact most of the abstract vocals on tracks like “Do It Right” and “Open Heart” are me!

Men And Machines [REDEMPTION]



 2013 was a very busy year for me and didn’t see many original releases. One day I got a tweet from a guy called Ryan Forest that simply said “Men & Machines (VIP) ?”. I hadn’t even contemplated doing one but I thought “why not?”. I went all out heavy dubstep which I had never done but thought it would be fun to try as a kind of send off to the dubstep side of me.

As predicted there was a 50/50 split on Monstercat of people who loved that it was heavy dubstep and people who hated what I had done either to it or to my style. Rest assured it was almost like a ‘joke’ it wasn’t a serious track just a bit of fun as an intermission between my original releases.

Tall Ships – Best Ever (Draper Remix)



Tall Ships are an amazing band. I had to do this official remix because there was so much to work with. I was offered to remix any track from their album “Everything Touching”, however I had to ask advice from my buddy Hank, an avid fan. “Best Ever” was the conclusion as it had a lot of remix potential.

Straight away the ‘bouncing’ guitars part had to be the main focus. From that point on it was so easy to make as I ‘got it’ and just wrote for a day, solid. The end result, I would debate, is my “best ever” remix.

Men And Machines


men art new23

Men and Machines was, much like Night Rider, a process. It started off called ‘Lagoon’ and it was quite a heavy track that dropped into a very quirky sounding synth line, however, when the track was finished and ready to go Mojo came out with “Blues” which was essentially what I had made. Now if I had gone ahead with it I would have had a storm of people claiming I had copied the mentioned track, so I decided to just avoid being called unoriginal by being more original and developed Men and Machines from it. I’m much happier with how it turned out too!

Night Rider


night art(feat. PR)

Night Rider was a real process to make, it started of as one idea and I was happy with it but wanted to get some vocals on it. Once Phoebe’s great vocals were implemented the track was 60% re-written to what it is now which was a great thing.

I was very happy with the track and how it was received, it was “dubstep” whilst not trying to be dubstep, something I’ve always tried to achieve.

Fun fact the artwork was a picture I took in New York of Times Square, mirrored.

Passion Pit – I’ll Be Alright (Draper Remix)



Passion Pit have been a band I’ve admired for years and have loved there unpredictable electronic/rock style. So I asked my manager if he could get me a remix for them, turns out they had exactly the same idea as within the week I was offered an official remix opportunity.

Obviously I snatched it up and got started, It’s a very fresh and light tune so I really worked on making it my own but preserving the overriding vibe of the track. I was very happy with the result!

Ellie Goulding – Hanging On (Draper Remix)



This was a remix that I’ve dreamt about in the past, with the likes of Jakwob getting a lot of recognition for his iconic remix of “Lights” I always wanted to do one myself. However, when I was asked to do an official commissioned remix for her I was blown away. It was an incredible moment.

I was, however, very nervous about it. Such talented vocals I didn’t want to mess with but in the end I was very happy with the result. Apparently I wasn’t the only one as it ended up on her Tesco exclusive edition of her album Halcyon. That really blew my mind…

Strange Talk – Falling In Love (Draper Remix)


Strange Talk

This was the third remix I did for Strange Talk and I was eager to really change it up. Eskimo Boy was one of my biggest remixes to date so it was no easy feat trying to match it. I went down the electro route for this remix to keep it fresh.

I’ve always been enticed by Strange Talk’s tracks as they share a ethereal quality that I also try to capture in my music.



This was a song I had been working on just before I went on holiday to France, when I listened back to it on holiday I knew it was the track I wanted to release as an end of Summer tune. It’s the perfect combination of relaxing and energetic that has a very powerful sense of nostalgia, not the song, the emotion. I love feeling nostalgic so when this track made me feel it, I was straight back on it when I got home and finished it in time for the end of summer as a free download. The name  took a while to settle on but I think ‘Flashback’ was near perfect for this song.

Artwork by the very talented Maxim Scott (also the creator of the Draper sphere)


Graduation was exactly what was going on whilst I was writing it, I had finished at Oxford Brookes University and ended up graduating with a 1st! This was also a free song for hitting 10,000 likes on my facebook page. My friend Hank from Large Apperture had just got a GoPro, so we set out filming almost everything we did for a week and then edited down into the Graduation music video!

This song marks the end of a chapter of my life and the excitement of the start of a new one!

The artwork was provided by Jonas.

Bluebell – Normal Heights (Draper Remix)

I knew this was a remix that I could make into something very different when I heard the vocals, such a soaring original melody, I fell in love immediately. It was then a case of carefully manipulating a song around them and as the remix slowly took it’s form I got more and more motivated by it, there was so much energy in the track that I was using to write more and more! It was a perfect roundabout of self motivation.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, when you get a buzz off of your own music, it’s going to be a good one!

Check out the original, quite a transformation:


Draper EP



The Draper EP was a great time for me, I had figured out my style and I had backing from Drop Dead clothing for it. It was an amazing release for me and I couldn’t have got it as far as it did without their help.

The artwork was also quite iconic for Draper done by Maxim Scott, now a full time designer at Drop Dead.


Worship – Collateral (Draper Remix)

This was an extremely enjoyable remix to make as I really wanted to capture the emotion I felt whilst listening to the original and convert it into a mini symphony. I started by making a loop of a really ambient section from several of the vocal parts and then set about hitting the right notes at the right time. Jon Hopkins’ work really inspired me on this remix, as he is brilliant with sound design and gradual structure building, which is what I was really trying to focus on in this one.

Check out the original:

Collateral by Worship

Worship – House Of Glass (Draper Remix)

I first heard this song through The Warm Up and I instantly loved it. When I was given the opportunity to remix it I was very excited. After listening to the stems I was blown away by the melodies within the song. I didn’t want it to just be another drop after drop song so I built up to the main event using crescendoing percussion and melodies. Then I wanted to create a really powerful main section of the song to contrast the prior calmness. It was then used for the Drop Dead Autumn/Winter range front page look book.

Check out the original:

House Of Glass by Worship

Wiz Khalifa – The Race (Draper Remix)

The first time I heard this was when it came on shuffle on my iPod one day. I had bought the album a few weeks prior and never finished it but as soon as I heard the instrumental section I knew I could work it into a new track. I dropped it into my DAW, chopped it up, salvaging any clean instrumental from the song and set about making a beat. This is such a light song I didn’t want to over crowd it with synths so I found a really fat saw synth, and put it through a sawtooth chopper, changing up the sync notes for some nice variation.
This is what happened…hope you like it


Check out the original:

Painting the Sky

This song I’d originally written using some vocal pack samples, but when I heard Madame Luxe’s voice I knew I had to get her on it! She compliments the track like a rainbow next to another rainbow. It was then chosen for the feature song on the Drop Dead Summer lookbook which gave way to a ton of new listeners which was incredible.
I then realised I should make an ‘album version’ and get Madame Luxe singing all over it, and have it as the main single of the ‘Draper EP’.
Check out more Madame Luxe here.

Bring Me The Horizon – Blessed With a Curse (Draper Remix)

In early December 2010, Smack Down Your Door (The Introduction EP) was posted in a top Dubstep list, of 2010, on a Canadian blog ‘The Warm Up’ run by Robbie Hart. A few days later I got an email from Oli Sykes, front man of Bring Me The Horizon and a close friend of Robbie’s, asking me to remix this song. The remix lead to me writing a breakdown section for their headline song, Chelsea Smile. The breakdown has been played live at every show on both their UK and US 2011 tours. It was completely surreal watching TV and seeing it played on the main stage at Reading. I was then welcomed into the Drop Dead family and will be releasing my second, self-titled, EP through them later in the year, with more to follow.

Strange Talk – Draper Remixes

I was approached by Neon Gold Records, NY, to remix a new Australian band called Strange Talk. The original song they asked me to remix was Eskimo Boy. I actually wrote 3 totally different versions before I came up with the one I was happy with. There was a lot of hype from the release, which was featured on many blogs and posted by 17tumba on youtube.


I asked Strange Talk if I could remix a second song, Climbing Walls. I loved the song and it was something I wanted to do. Luckily, they were more than happy for me to remix both.